West Dunbartonshire Working4Business Awards 2018 Winners - Campbells Air Conditioning
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West Dunbartonshire Working4Business Awards 2018 Winners

West Dunbartonshire Working4Business Awards 2018 Winners

Campbell’s Air Conditioning are immensely proud to have won 2 out of the 3 awards that we were named finalists for in the West Dunbartonshire Working4Business Awards 2018.

  • Best Performing Business (Under 25 Employees) (Winner)
  • Developing the Young Workforce Award (Winner)
  • Family Business Award (Finalists)

A great night was had by all at the recent awards evening, great company at our table and super banter with the host Karen Dunbar, she really is a very very funny woman. The ladies all looked great in their new frocks and the men didn’t scrub up too badly either.

Having been shortlisted for all three categories entered and that in its self was a proud achievement for all at Campbells Air Conditioning, we actually won two of the categories. Developing the young workforce & Best performing business (Under 25 employees).

Managing Director, Campbell Birnie said that he was very happy and proud to have won these awards but acknowledges this is down to all of the hard work and commitment from all of the workforce at Campbells and is looking forward to more business awards after now having got a taste for them.


The ladies with the host
The Directors posing for the camera
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